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7360 Introduction to Web Development

Course Description

This class focused on writing basic html tags, exploring different methods for page layout, writing html to a specific World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)  standard and introduced basic uses for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).


Web design had a lot to do with why I chose to pursue this course of study. I had taken a short 2 credit Web Design class before this. However, the previous html class was more of a "quick and dirty" introduction to coding and many of the things that teacher told us to do, such as write our tags in all capital letters, is no longer considered acceptable. However, I was thankful for taking that class because it gave me the basics before I tried to tackle this course, which I felt was far more difficult and at times frustrating and confusing.


My biggest challenge was validating my source code. Sometimes I would run into problems and I had trouble figuring out why my code would not validate. I was happy that the W3C provided a validator for your code. This at least gave me some clue about where I went wrong.


I was also introduced to style sheets which I found interesting but I did not see them as practical until I took my second web design course where we really explored the design power that they have.


The great thing about taking this class was that I finally knew enough about web design to make a class website that I felt comfortable sharing with the students, parents and the rest of the world! The knowledge I came back with after the summer enabled me to make a class homepage that described what my students will learn, how they are graded, how lessons are developed and other important curriculum information. Later, I would build on this basic knowledge to create a website that would showcase student work as well.


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