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7370 Intermediate Web Development

Course Description

Intermediate Web Development builds on the skills that were acquired in introduction to web development. This class further explored the uses of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), as well as Java Scripts, and image maps using Macromedia Dreamweaver.


"Intermediate Web Development" gave me a chance to explore some more advanced web design techniques. We learned more about how to use Cascading Style Sheets to control the layout of a page by designing websites that relied solely on style sheets to sort content.


This was particularly helpful to me because I have difficulty coming up with a layout or color scheme that I am happy with. As an art teacher, getting the layout and color scheme to fit my expectations was often the part that took the longest time and using style sheets really simplified the process.


The class was a bit more challenging than the last because a little more programming was involved, especially in the Java Script portion of the class. The class gave us a chance to explore web development resources on the internet and we learned how to edit scripts to fit our own needs.


Learning how to make image roll-overs and image maps was an especially exciting part of this course. During this class I also learned how to use Dreamweaver. From my experiences in this class I was able to appreciate how essential it was to learn hand coding first because occasionally I had to look in the code for problems I was seeing on screen and edit them out. Hence, my favorite layout in Dreamweaver came to be the split view so that I can view the code and the output at the same time.


Learning how to use Java Scripts and style sheets really changed how I set up my classroom website. The website I created in this class as a final project was the foundation for a class website that I would create later that school year to display student art work online. The Java Script slide show was a great way to make a gallery so that students, parents and teachers could view what was going on in the art room. My students would get particularly excited when I took digital photos of their art work because they knew that this meant that their project was selected for display online. It really helped open up my classroom to the community and gave my students a sense of accomplishment to know that their work was on the school intranet.


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