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7377 Introduction to Technology in Schools

Course Description

This course introduced and explored some of the effects of technology integration in schools as well as some of the current issues and trends.


It seems so long ago when I took "Introduction to Technology in Schools." In fact I believe when I took the class it was called, "Foundations of Ed. Tech." I mainly took the course because I was uncertain of whether I wanted to go into the education technology field. I figured that if I did not enjoy the class it would be a good indication as to whether or not I could make it through the program.


During the course we spent a great deal of time defining what technology really is and how we interact with it. We explored how technology can become a social divider between those who "have" and those who "have not" and that technology can be active and dynamic such as an interactive simulation program, or passive and unchanging such as a favorite video tape. We discovered how software, videos and other means of communication can actually pass on the personal biases of the software creator.


I was introduced to constructivist theories and through class discussions was able to apply them to help make the distinction between learning with and learning from technology. During this time we also explored how active participation on the part of the learner can enrich their learning experience and transform the classroom dynamic, changing teacher from font of knowledge to facilitator or guide.


This course required that I sit down and critically think about how my own life is being shaped by technology and how essential it is that I remain active in my own assessments of what information is reliable and unreliable. It also brought to my attention how important it is to teach students how to critically evaluate what information they come across and even the programs they use, so that they learn how to separate facts from opinions.


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