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9471 Instructional Systems Design

Course Description

This class focused on how to write a successful, training program that has appropriate goals, and utilizes meaningful exercises to show the learner real life applications of the new skills they acquire.


"Instructional Systems Design" was incredibly challenging for me since I was taking this class and "Learning with the Internet" simultaneously. During this course I also attended a technology conference that related directly to the assignments in this class. I was charged with the task of creating a mini-technology conference for my school, so the activities that were worked on during this time period were soon tried out in a trial run.


All of the activities in Instructional Systems Design were aimed at designing a technology workshop plan that addresses learner’s needs in some kind of technology process. During this project I had to: determine the needs of my target learners, come up with appropriate goals, prioritize our needs, and write meaningful learning activities that support the goals.


It turned out that having a strong support network and sense of community was something that teachers in our school felt we were lacking. My goal with the technology plan was not to just introduce teachers to a new program that they could use to support student learning, but to also create a learning community for those teachers to interact with so that all participants successfully implemented their ideas.


While the work in this class was intensive, it really showed me how much thought should be put into a training program before it is implemented. It also helped me see what was missing in my own school and how it could be improved in the future. I also enjoyed the interaction I had with other faculty members during this project, the ETs and Computer teachers were especially helpful about giving me input on this plan.


Full Instructional Systems Design Document: "Web Design in the Classroom"- Revised February 27th, 2008 to include final feed back from test group.

Student Samples Resulting From Training
First Grade: Frog Lifecycle
Second Grade: Unit on Measurement
Third Grade: Vertebrates and Invertebrates
Fourth Grade: Inventors and Innovators: Henry Ford
Fifth Grade: Force and Motion
Fifth Grade: Endangered Animals