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9417 Technology Action Research

Course Description

"Technology Action Research" focuses on how to analyze a technology-related problem situation and create a plan to improve the situation or solve the problem.


Action research comes almost naturally to us. Anytime there is a problem we search for possible causes and solutions. Action Research is different from other kinds of formalized research because it is a way of empowering teachers to investigate problems that are relevant to them. The action research process is also a cycle that sometimes starts out with one question and later generates new ones.


Action research seemed like a nice way to tie together all the things that were learned in previous classes about addressing the needs of the school you work in. Many of the methods for collecting data and analyzing problems seemed similar to investigating needs in Instructional Systems Design. Focus Groups, interviews, surveys, journaling and reflections are all methods for collecting data as the problem is investigated and possible solutions or changes are formulated. It seemed like a very logical and practical way for a teacher to improve their teaching practices and create dialogue with peers. Parents and students can also be involved during the research process to ensure that all stake holders are accounted for.


I think the part of this class that I enjoyed most was collaborating with an excellent group of peers to complete the various assignments. We actually decided to break away from the discussion board and e-mail strategies to collaborate online utilizing Google Docs in conjunction with WebEx to host an online teleconference to accomplish tasks. It really helped to share one desktop and add comments as needed to the discussion while we hashed out ideas. Although WebEx is not free, and it was a long distance call for me, it really proved to be a valuable tool for collaboration.


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