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7378 Electronic Portfolio Development

Course Description

This course focuses on the advantages of building an electronic portfolio and how to use portfolio building as a means to reflect on and make connections about what has been learned.


"Electronic Portfolio Development" has been a great way for me to really take time out and look back at all of the things I have learned throughout my studies. When I first began, I thought my school was lucky to be so well equipped and to have so much support. After taking more classes and having the opportunity to really seek out technology problems in the school, I began to see just how many teachers were not satisfied with the level of support. It turns out that having a lot of computers and a lot of equipment has been the school’s primary goal, but actually getting the teachers to feel comfortable with it and see the relevance of the new purchases has been unsuccessful.


Going back through all the work that was done over the last two years has been a great way to see how my opinions changed and how my experiences have shaped my understandings. Many times when I worked on these assignments I turned them in, received my grade and moved on to the next assignment. There really has not been any time to go back and evaluate, reflect on or revise anything. So, having this reflection time has helped me see the growth and progression I have made.


Electronic Portfolios are also interactive and I have really enjoyed exploring ways to take advantage of the portfolio’s online nature. Adding hyperlinks to a resume, for example, helps tell more about who I am, where I have been and what I have accomplished.


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