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9440 Learning With the Internet

Course Description

"Learning with the Internet" explored ways in which students and teachers can use internet based resources such as videos, simulations, online communities, blogs, wikis, voice and video chats and interactive websites to support learning in the classroom and put students in touch with outside communities and experts.


"Learning with the Internet" was a class I had really been looking forward to. This class gave me an opportunity to really explore some of the fun interactive elements of online communities and simulations. Probably the best part about this class was that the projects we worked on were also interactive and dynamic.


In particular I really enjoyed the group wiki project at Wikispaces that was tried out for the first time that semester. I really enjoyed how the wiki would change each time I logged into the website. It was exciting to see it grow as we each added our contributions to the site. It really illustrated how the internet is constantly changing. It also helped us collaborate because any of our group members could go into the wiki and fix problems that others were having.


I also enjoyed the blog project that I worked on. My blog was geared toward art teachers and older art students and included lessons on animation history using YouTube videos, tutorials, lesson ideas and reviews of programs and utilities. I really liked the interactivity of the blog and had some college students, animators and others post comments and discuss the entries. The input, and opinions discussed really made the blog come alive. I would like to pursue the use of blogs in my classroom in the future. I have many ideas for them such as having online class discussions for my art classes where students could compare and contrast two works of art, or the lives or two artists. Students could also be given writing prompts or asked to write on theme. Professionals from different fields could be asked to do a guest entry and students could ask questions about their work. There are just so many great future ideas that could be explored using a blog. Someday I would also like to have video conferencing with field professionals as part of my classes.


Group Project Wiki: Let’s Learn About Korea
Sarah-Sensei’s Blog: Paper
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