Weekly Participation and Project Grades

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A. Weekly Participation Grades

Weekly participation grades are based on a scale of 1-10. Depending on how often the children attend art (once a week vs. twice a week) by the end of the quarter this amounts to anywhere from 90-200 possible points and works out to be roughly 2/3 of the quarter grade. Students are usually assigned points each week in the following manner:

10 – The student is excellent, mostly works, follows directions and does not talk.

9 – The student is doing most of their work and talks very little.

8 – The student was talking a little more than necessary but was not disrupting others too much.

7 – The student is talking far too much, is loud and not working very hard.

6 – The student is bothering other students, talking too much, playing instead of working, out of their seat and/or got a time out.

I do not usually give less than a 6 because it would make it very difficult for a child to bring up his/her grade if they received a 0. However in extreme cases, I have given less than 6 points for a weekly grade (usually if a child was hurting another student or was sent to the office).

B. Project Grades


In Grades 1-5 the students are also assigned project grades. Projects at different grade levels have different point values.

In Grades 1-3, all projects are worth up to 35 points.

In Grades 4 and 5 projects may be worth 45, 50 or 55 points depending on the level of difficulty or the time involved.